AGX-V Test Machines


AGX-V series-universal breaking machines of the research class

At Shimadzu, our aim is to develop instruments that provide the highest level of test results. To this end, we created the AGX, the highest class of testing machine in the industry. It features a high rigidity frame; multi processors, high-speed sampling and high-accuracy automatic control; an intelligent crosshead; stroke limit switches; a high degree of safety; a smart controller equipped with a progressive user interface; and software that supports the creation of test conditions and data processing with intuitive operability.
Shimadzu has been manufacturing testing machines for more than 100 years. The AGX series is the culmination of the continuous evolution of the AUTOGRAPH based on our wealth of experience and achievements, and insights from customers around the world.

  • 01 Aggregation of Cutting-Edge Functions
    Revolutionary Technology Provides Full Control
    Frame Design Provides High Rigidity and High Level Alignment
  • 02 True Safety for both the Operator and the Machine
    Safety Cover
    Intelligent Crosshead
    Overload Detection Function
    Stroke Limit Switch
    Self Check Function
  • 03 Operability that Takes the Shortest Path to Results
    All Jigs are Easily Connected
    Smart Controller